Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions Time!

Hi! This is me...27years old and over weight me...
I have never been big on New Years Resolutions but this year I look at where I am at and I am so far from where I want to be. I am married and have a house and 2 dogs and 3 cats and I am so happy with that part of my life, But I am struggling with my weight, Struggling with trying to have a baby, hating my day job... and coming up on my 10 year high school reunion. So I think this year is the year for me to start caring about Resolutions. So I sat down and made a list of this years BIG goals, and then I will take each week one at a time to accomplish them.

1)Eat Healthier!
I know it wont happen over night, and I know it is hard to break bad habits, so I have started off the 1st few weeks of this new year small, not starting a drastic diet that I will fail miserably at again, but rather with one goal in mind....MAKE BETTER CHOICES... so far so good and each week I plan to adjust and modify that goal. So far I have made sure when we went out to eat one night I got soup and salad to start me off and absolutely NO desert, yep everyone else at the table got the 3 course meal kind of deal at mimi's cafe and i opted no desert, last night at a family bbq/party... half my plate was filled with salad the other half had a piece of steak and broccoli casserole (had rice and cheese in it an stuff)...but then....absolutely no desert! so these have been small victories for me, but they are getting me going in the right direction. so far I am down 4 pounds!
now I need to add in taking my vitamins every day
I also joined a free site called and they even have an app for my phone, this week starting today my goal is to track track track, even if i go over my daily calories even if i don't make good choices, even if i gain a pound or 2 back. I need to hold myself accountable for what I put into my body and I need to track it on my app every day...I'll let you know how that goes.

2) Exercise Regularly/Be More Active!
Yep I was always active I plaid soccer went to the gym and loved the beach and now I don't do any of the above because I hate how I look and feel. And yep that is me on the left holding the body board in the photo above and me riding a wave in the photo below (red hair is the give away lol) So for Christmas I bought myself P90X I haven't started yet because I am still working crazy overtime hours at work I haven't had the energy, I have been walking a few times a week though last week to get myself started and this week my goal is to start and stick to my p90X, because I would love to be able to go to the beach again for my birthday this summer and actually be able to enjoy myself...not even saying bikini, a flattering one piece would be great but to a manageable weight and fitness level where I can go out and body surf and enjoy myself and not feel so self conscious

3) Take Pride in Myself!
What do I mean by that? I mean take better care of myself, for myself. and yes this encompasses the above 2 resolutions as well but for this one what I mean specifically is take better care of my skin and hair. Do my hair and makeup daily. I feel better about myself when I do and right now I think I need a confidence boost, I always did my hair and makeup before...always, I always dressed nicely and took pride in my appearance, these days I think I gave up hope because my weight brought me down. And it doesn't help that I have to get up at 4 am every day for work, and the past few months I have been working 10 plus hours a day 6 days a week because of mandatory over time at work. So I used a photo from my high school graduation for this resolution, because as i said before this year will be 10 years! OMG! and back then I was healthy and active and happy and I took pride in myself and my appearance and it emulated, and I want that part of myself back.

4) Put me First!
and I don't mean that in a selfish way...
I mean I am going to track my progress and do what I need to do for myself make myself feel better about myself. I want to find more time to do my blogging for myself, more time for me and my husband to be together and enjoy being married. Get the work that needs to be done on my house finished so we can enjoy our home. And make time for the things that make us happy, that we never get to do anymore, like going body surfing, going to Disneyland, going camping and hiking, going out to the desert for him to ride his dirt bikes... put me/us first. The below photo is of us on our 1 year wedding anniversary a few years ago at Disneyland, back then I had a job I loved we didn't have a fixer upper money pit of a house to worry about I was overweight but no where near as bad as I am now, and we could just enjoy being together

I would love to know what your new years resolutions are for 2012 if you want to share, and I wish you all the best of luck on all your new year resolutions as well!

So Be Beautiful, Happy and Healthy in this new year!

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