Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Liquid Eye Liner

I have always been a big fan of liquid eyeliner ever since I first discovered it's wonders in middle school, and have used it almost daily since high school. I can't recall all the different ones I have tried, but I do know the ones that were my favorites and I wanted to share a bit.

My first all time favorite liquid liner was Physicians Formula EyeBrightener eyeliner when I first discovered this product it was something I had never used before it had a sponge tip brush instead of a regular brush tip, it had a slight metallic shimmer to it so it doesn't show up as a true black.

Though the Physicians Formula was great I used to swim a lot and go to the beach a lot, and play soccer a lot and well it just would not hold up. So I worked at Dillards for a few years and while there I made friends at the Clinique counter and she turned me on to this product...Clinique's Water Resistant Eyeliner in Natural Black...this stuff was amazing! now I know things have changed a lot but it was probably 8 years ago at least that i tried this product for the 1st time... anyways it was a dry powder cake and it came with a brush, you got the brush wet and mixed in the powder and painted on the eyeliner. And these cakes were a fairly good size so they lasted a long time, but because they were a dry powder it limits bacteria growth, and I say limits because you do get it wet and mix it. Similarly to the physicians formula one it is not a true back its more a charcoal grey/black...but I loved it! Then one day I go to buy a refill and I am told they don't carry it any more (this was probably 4-5 years ago) I was devastated.
I was then introduced to gel liner...but that's whole other topic...but today I was doing some research online and I found it again! So I don't know if they brought it back or I was misinformed. I think I may have to go buy some more of this stuff for my kit.

So from there I went to Gel Eyeliners for a while and they are great and like I said that's another post for another day but the downside to gel liners is they take time to apply and you need to have a brush and you wanna clean that brush right after or it gets gross and crusty. I needed to find a new liquid eyeliner to use too...I found this wonder by Covergirl. It's their line exact liquid eyeliner, its small compact self contained its like a felt tip marker you shake it up and the eyeliner comes out the tip and draws on smooth and quickly love it! will always keep this little treasure in my purse.

A recent find that i'm loving is this one by L'Oreal Paris it's their Lineur Intense. Right now I have it in Black Mica and I am hoping to get it in carbon black soon as well this is also a felt tip eyeliner great fine tip point does wonderful cat eye's and very easily controlable
and my last on my all time favorite liquid eye liners list is Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner in perversion. This is a super fine tip brush applicator, super stay liquid eyeliner. Not my favorite for super quick easy everyday use but wonderful for long lasting applications

So thank's for stopping by and hearing about my favorite liquid eye liners, I would love to hear about yours, I am always looking for great new products to try out, either for my own personal day to day (which is quick and easy since my work day starts at 5 am, or to add to my professional kit which is mostly for bridal and special occasion)

I am also working on a HUGE Mascara comparison project I hope to share with you soon.
but for now,
Love and Beautiful inky eyes,

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