Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wally World Finds

So... Have you heard of Manistat's Chaffing Relief Powder Gel? It was designed to use on areas where your skin rubs together and causes irritation, such as between your legs maybe... Well it has been all over You tube with many of the makeup artists and make up guru's...why you might ask?!?!
As a makeup Primer...yep, a primer. To be applied to the face before makeup appllication in order to give you a super smooth application and help it last as well... It soooooo WORKS!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
I have tried a few primers in the past one by MUFE and one by I think it was Laura Mercie and of course Smashbox... all of which are quite pricey!!! Now I will say of those 3 the MUFE one was my fav, but cost me close to $30 at the time, but I bought it because I needed it for my sisters wedding as well as mine which were only 3 month a the MUFE one does help with a slightly smoother application, but mostly it really helped the makeup stick and last longer, especially since my sister and I both have oily skin and it can just melt right off our faces sometimes. So I am not knocking it because it did work wonderfully!
Smashbox however I chose not to get because if you rub it too much it rolls back on itself and flakes away, which was also a part of a lot of the you tube reviews I watched on this monistat product...also price difference is HUGE!
The high end ones on average cost between $30 and $50!!! and on average only give you 1 oz for a full size product
now don;t get me wrong a little does go a long way with most of them.... but a little goes a long way with this as well! the monestat powder gel has dimethicone in it as it's active ingredient which is different from some of the other primers, but it does work wonderfully!
and you get 1.5 oz for lesst than $6.00...yep $5 and some change thats can you beat that!?!?!
I hae tested it out a number of times and I do love it! and I have combination/oily skin I am very acne proned and get tons of blackheads and I have not broken out from using this at all! I know some people may still not be able to get pastthe fact that it is a monistat product so I did find another option yes i bought and kept both of these.... if you don;t already know Wal Mart started to carry Hard Candy cosmetics in many of their stores as well as online....
Well Hard Candy also has a makeup primer out it's a 1.6 oz tube and cost's $8.00 and is basically the same as the monistat using the dimethicon eas the active ingredient I have also tested this and have the same results as the monistat, and I love why keep both?!?! ... why not? lol well frankly because some people do get weirdedout about the thought of you putting a monistat product on their faces

Now next find... Hard Candy had these concealer pallettes, they had 2 one for fair skin tones and onf for medium skin tones...each had 3 corrector colors, green, yellow and pink, and 3 tones of flesh colored concealer for $8.00 each set
.....WORST buy EVER!!!
yes these were the worst concealers I have ever tried! they were so thin they didnt cover anything!
So do not buy these! I tested them and returned them the very next day they were sooooooo bad!

I did buy one of their eye colors...mostly because they were all most out of all of their different color sets.
The one I purchased was Secret Rendezvous.... LOVE IT! only $6.00 and the colors are beautiful, good pigmentation, and has a beautiful shine!!! I love me my shimmery shadows lol ;) he hee anyways the only problem is with all of the Hard candy baked products...blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers etc is the do break easily! half of the ones on the shelf were crummbled and I bought one and by the time I got home it had cracked... so be careful not to drop your bags or slam them around at that I have started using mine no problem so far as I do tryto be careful and I have sprayed it with alcohol a few times because I tested out on myself and I used on a customer already etc soi spray it before and after use to sanitize...and i dont know if maybe that helpsit or not but my shadow and 2 bronzers are doing fine.
So next I am going to talk about is the them! they have a slight shimmer/glow to them but they are not super shimmery.
There are 4 shades Tiki, Hulahu, Tropic and Heat wave. I bought Tiki the lightest and Heat wave the darkest and I am going to go back and get the other 2 I love them that much
Tiki is super nice, I am very fair and so was my client last weekend and it worked beautifully! It didnt look over done or too dark or unnatural etc it just warmed her up a little and gave her a light glow! I have used heat wave on myself as well (sparingly) and it still looked great but I did have to be cautious of not using too much since I am fair skinned...the bronzer online is listed for $9.00 each but I think they were only $8.00 in the store where I live those are my goodies for nowI have more to show soon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Train Case!

Ok so a few years back I thought I was going to do freelance makeup...yep this isn't my 1st time down this path...but ilived in an area I didnt know people andI have done makeup since like i said mostly friends and family weddings etc... so back then I did buy a train case on ebay...HUGE mistake! It was soooooo much smaller than I thought, I dont remembered what I paid for it, but basically it would just hold the necessities like cleaners and sponges etc no makeup.... well Chris (thats the Hubby) he saw it last time we were moving and it was empty so he asked if he could have it to store his air brush in....SURE why not I wasnt using it...well now with trying to go into this again I thought it would be good to at least carry those basic supplies in ....and Chris has never used his I asked...and he said no! lol well I cant get too mad at that I did tell him he could have it lol, soooo I needed to find something else.
Well as mentioned before I am on a bit of a budget so though I have found some great larger rolling ones for $100 (plus the cost of shipping) I have to hold off, so I decided Ill use a soft bag I already have to store the baics and I found this lovely Caboodles....yep caboodles I have owned many a versions over my years lol the plastic one as a young kid the clear box as a teen and now I have upgraded lol
But I found the Caboodles Goddess case at Target for $27.99! and it is fabulous! You know it's a case that is going to protect and store makeup I don't need to spend a fortune on it ya know and honestly it is pretty darn nice and a HUGE improvement from the Ebay let down I had gotten a fewyears ago
This is what it looks like, and it has a detachable strap you an clip on to it for easy carrying.
And once you open it the drawers open with the lid and it doesnt matter if you fill them and they are heavy beause they are supported by the lid when it is open
If you want more details on it such as dimensions you can ceck it out and it is the Goddess
and like I said I found mine right at Target on the shelf, but if you can't find it, Target also has it available on their website.
These pics were taken from the target website, but ill have pics of mine in the future filled with all my goodies!

Starting this Journey

Hi I am Lindsay and I an from Southern California.
I went to school to be a fashion designer and well I worked as one for a while and it was great but when the economy turned I lost my job and could not find a new one, so my Hubby and I determined we would not be able to continue to live in Los Angeles on his pay alone so we moved back home (about and hour and a half north east of LA) we found a great duplex for almost half what we were paying in LA it was wonderful! and we can actually afford to buy a house of our own here where as in LA there was no way we would ever be able to buy a house of our own.
So here we are in th eprocess of buying our 1st house!
The thing is with making this move back to my home town there is no fashion design any where here! and I HAVE to do something creative I am working in an office right now to pay the bills but I also try to do freelance work, such as making custom gowns, pattern drafting illustrating etc, anything I can get to help keep me doing a lil something related to what I spent so many thousands of dollars for schooling on.
So I have done hair and makeup for friends and family for years! I have done proms and debutant balls and wedding and just special occasion so I have decided to try to market myself and grow with this.
At this point in time I dont have the funds to just go back to school for this, but you dont have to! Isnt that fabulous! You can be self taught, so I thought I would try to get started and grow and maybe if I decide I want to go further with this and have the money in the future I'll get the schooling to help me go further. I start this journey I want to doccument it with you as I go along, so i hope you'll follow with me and maybe I can show you some great products or tips and techniques to help you in your everyday life,or maybe you are like me and wanting to go into this wonderful career of Makeup Artistry we can go on this journey together!