Monday, December 26, 2011

It was a Very Merry Urban Decal Christmas!

SO I love Urban Decay! Ever since I first bought their alice in wonderland palette last year! I had first seen that palette in a papercrafting challenge and I had to buy it and of course it was sold out everywhere! but I had to have it so I ended up spending a lot more money on it than it retailed for but I managed to get one on ebay! and I was in love!!

Well this year I have been working a few makeup jobs and trying to expand my kit so after thanksgiving this year I got a bunch of great goodies for a super steal! omg they were rock bottom prices! so good that i not only placed one order but once it was delivered I put in another and stocked up on some duplicates

I got a bunch of this tinted moisturizer normally $32.00 each and they were on sale for only $4.00 each! I ordered 4 different shades Halo, Bodyguard, Bulletproof and forcefield so I could add to my kit and have a range of colors with no intent on using it for myself as I am not normally a fan of tinted moisturizer, but I tell you what once I tried out this product it was amazing it was smooth and creamy had went on great not streaky at all and i bought 4 more in bodyguard 3 for myself and 1 for a friend love love love it!

I also bought 2 cans of Santa Tanita tinted sunless tanner and bronzer, normally $28.00 a bottle on sale for $2.00 each! seriously for $2 who cares I bought it anyways but I actually like it it has instant color it's not orange or streaky at all so i got one for me and one for my kit

I bought one of the eye shadow transforming potion for $2 I don't know the regular price as it isn't on the website anymore and I have not gotten to actually try it out yet but once again for $2 who cares lol so I can't wait to try it out as well, I'll let you know what I think once I get to test it out.
The Rollergirl Palette normally $32.00 and on sale for $18.00 has 3 great neutral colors and one bright fun pink shadow a 24/7 eyeliner pencil in whisky which i am loving too! and an oober bright pink gloss no idea what color it is because it doesn't have the color listed on it or the website but it is super super bright pink great gloss but not a color i will ever wear but saved it of course anyways because may come in handy in my kit.
and I got the feminine palette normally $34.00 and I got it for $19.00 and its great it comes with a mini primer potion in eden which I have used the original primer potion and the original and sin but i am loving the eden one so far, but comes with a travel size 24/7 eyeliner in zero which is always a fav but great eyeshadow colors 3 neutrals and a pink a blue and purple.
and with those 2 orders i got a deluxe sample with each of the 2 orders I placed
one was a lipstick sample in jilted which is a very bright and dark color for my skin tone so once again wont ever use for myself personally but added it to my kit good texture and coverage though.
and another lip gloss sample in Wallflower it's a great pinky nude kind of color with a great minty smell
so that was all pretty much after thanksgiving , now on to Christmas goodies, so this year i kinda bought/picked out my own Christmas gifts, and I got a lil discount from Sephora so I ordered the urban decay Book of Shadows IV and I havent gotten to play with it much yet since I only actually got to have it yesterday, but i love the color selection of the shadows and since i already love urban decay showdows I know I am set. it of course comes with a little tube of primer potions I can never have enough of that stuff. and it comes with a 24/7 liquid liner in carbon black I have not yet tried any of the UD liquid liners so I am excited about this as I love my liquid liner it is almost an everyday necessity, and it comes with a travel size of the super curl mascara also never tried the UD mascaras so I am excited to try this out as well
My wonderful sister added to my addiction here and bought me the original Naked Palette at our local sephora came with another mini primer potion can;t wait to play with this!
and another goodie I bought for myself (well it was from Santa) was the Naked 2 Palette oh man has this been hard to get my hands on they kept selling out but I managed to get one! came with the awesome naked gloss sample I love this gloss it's already in my next order lol , but I also got a sample size 24/7 eyeliner pencil in corrupt and i really like it but i don't see that color for sale on the site so I am going to have to look into that a bit further but it's a great dark brown color
so those are my Urban Decay goodies so far. My after thanksgiving sale shopping as well as my Christmas goodies/gifts
I have to admit I already submitted another order last night! lol yes I ordered on Christmas day too lol, but they had some great offers, so I ordered 3 items regular priced the lip liner, lipstick and full sized lipgloss in Naked, and with that i also got some freebies, another random color eyeliner pencil sampler, a limited edition lipstick cap, a black light special gift with purchase which oh jeeze i believe its an eyeliner pencil and mascara.... i could be wrong but it was only up for teh one day so i can;t go back to it today, and a free makeup bag to top it off! and free shipping to boot! so I can"t wait until that arrives so needless to say I think I am well beyond stocked on urban decay for now.

so I also have some other great goodies to share with you but that will have to be saved for later I have to go clean my house for company, but I promise to be back soon and not forget about this blog again , and my next post I will have to tell you all about the makeup brush set I got for Christmas and this amazing skin moisturizer I found for me and my kit! so have a great day after Christmas you all, anyone who may be reading this and I'll be back as soon as I can

Fresh Start

Wow! I forgot I even had this blog lol so much has gone on in my life in the past year or my last post was may of 2010!
Well I am not going to delete my meager attempt to begin this site since that is where I started but I have gotten so much more and done so much more since then. and since its been well over a year I don;t even think I could begin to catch things up all at once, So I'll just start from where I am at for now and move forward from there and go back on things when I can