Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Starting this Journey

Hi I am Lindsay and I an from Southern California.
I went to school to be a fashion designer and well I worked as one for a while and it was great but when the economy turned I lost my job and could not find a new one, so my Hubby and I determined we would not be able to continue to live in Los Angeles on his pay alone so we moved back home (about and hour and a half north east of LA) we found a great duplex for almost half what we were paying in LA it was wonderful! and we can actually afford to buy a house of our own here where as in LA there was no way we would ever be able to buy a house of our own.
So here we are in th eprocess of buying our 1st house!
The thing is with making this move back to my home town there is no fashion design any where here! and I HAVE to do something creative I am working in an office right now to pay the bills but I also try to do freelance work, such as making custom gowns, pattern drafting illustrating etc, anything I can get to help keep me doing a lil something related to what I spent so many thousands of dollars for schooling on.
So I have done hair and makeup for friends and family for years! I have done proms and debutant balls and wedding and just special occasion so I have decided to try to market myself and grow with this.
At this point in time I dont have the funds to just go back to school for this, but you dont have to! Isnt that fabulous! You can be self taught, so I thought I would try to get started and grow and maybe if I decide I want to go further with this and have the money in the future I'll get the schooling to help me go further. I start this journey I want to doccument it with you as I go along, so i hope you'll follow with me and maybe I can show you some great products or tips and techniques to help you in your everyday life,or maybe you are like me and wanting to go into this wonderful career of Makeup Artistry we can go on this journey together!

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