Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Train Case!

Ok so a few years back I thought I was going to do freelance makeup...yep this isn't my 1st time down this path...but ilived in an area I didnt know people andI have done makeup since like i said mostly friends and family weddings etc... so back then I did buy a train case on ebay...HUGE mistake! It was soooooo much smaller than I thought, I dont remembered what I paid for it, but basically it would just hold the necessities like cleaners and sponges etc no makeup.... well Chris (thats the Hubby) he saw it last time we were moving and it was empty so he asked if he could have it to store his air brush in....SURE why not I wasnt using it...well now with trying to go into this again I thought it would be good to at least carry those basic supplies in ....and Chris has never used his I asked...and he said no! lol well I cant get too mad at that I did tell him he could have it lol, soooo I needed to find something else.
Well as mentioned before I am on a bit of a budget so though I have found some great larger rolling ones for $100 (plus the cost of shipping) I have to hold off, so I decided Ill use a soft bag I already have to store the baics and I found this lovely Caboodles....yep caboodles I have owned many a versions over my years lol the plastic one as a young kid the clear box as a teen and now I have upgraded lol
But I found the Caboodles Goddess case at Target for $27.99! and it is fabulous! You know it's a case that is going to protect and store makeup I don't need to spend a fortune on it ya know and honestly it is pretty darn nice and a HUGE improvement from the Ebay let down I had gotten a fewyears ago
This is what it looks like, and it has a detachable strap you an clip on to it for easy carrying.
And once you open it the drawers open with the lid and it doesnt matter if you fill them and they are heavy beause they are supported by the lid when it is open
If you want more details on it such as dimensions you can ceck it out and it is the Goddess
and like I said I found mine right at Target on the shelf, but if you can't find it, Target also has it available on their website.
These pics were taken from the target website, but ill have pics of mine in the future filled with all my goodies!

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  1. I've always wanted one of those, but I don't think I have enough makeup and brushes to fill it up, do you have makeup tutorials? You should totally post some, would love some tips =0)...I'm so excited to be your first follower...You are so talented in so many this blog and your digi stamps too =0)